domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Working on a collaborative e- project!

 For this challenge, we were asked to work in teams in order to create a collaborative e- project. This mission has been enriching for myself as I had to bear in mind the different points of views of my peers as well as to get an agreement with them in some cases. Sharing our knowledges not only about CLIL but also about the different tools that we can use to achieve this challenge has been something fantastic! As we wanted to be organized, we decided to establish a role for each component of the group, so it was de distribution in my team: 
  • Coordinator:@Alvaro_Gope 
  • Supervisor: @Marta_Gayarre 
  • Secretaries: @22paau @maradomingezgo 
  • Speaker: @nepeuspu 

Once we had the roles assigned we started to think about our collaboratieve CLIL e- project, taking into account our initial topics. My group and I decided to create a project with the purpose that children know their neighborhood in terms of recycling, public transport, facilities that it offers, different kind of shops, heritage and so on. So we designed different activities that can be carried out with children. In order to spread to the world the purpose of our project, we were asked to create an infographic. It has been a fantastic way to present our ideas related to the project.

Our goal with this infographic has been to give a clue about the topic. In order to discover more about how it is going to be carried out we decided to include the app of Aurasma. That is why we create a video to explain biefly the contents that children are going to work on. After having a look at different tools such as Genially,,, we have decided to use Canva because it has more resources to create an infographic. The disadvantage of this tool is that only few things are free, but with imagination, you can create your own template. Once we had created our infographic, we had the opportunity to submit our team digital articat to the InfoEdugraphics nationwide collaborative blog and then, they published it in thier blog, giving us an award because of our participation. 

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