domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Do you know how to use the app Aurasma?

For this challenge we were asked to create a collaborative  screencast about a CLIl goal that fits with our e- project, added to support learners when they are using ICT tools, por example.
In order to accomplish this mission we all got an agreement that it would be a fantastic idea to explain our children how to use the app Aurasma as we have use it  to create our infographic.  
Once we had the idea, we were looking for a web tool that support that we would like to explain, and finally we come across with sScreencast- O- Matic. This is an intuitive, visual and online tool that allow you  to create tutorial videos with screen shoots with a high quality of sound, as well as of image.
I have to say that we spent just 2 minutes to know how it works so it was perfect!.

Once, we finished our tutorial, we had the opportunity to share it on youtube.

I consider that, using tutorial videos  in class in order to explain any activity they have to achieve is something really useful as  it allows children to learn on their own pace as well as be more independent learners.  Apart from that, children can also use it to explain to their peers how they have achieve some activitiy. 

Added to that, this is going to be part of the "AporTICs " nationwide collaborative project. Therefore, our artifact will be published in their blog! 

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