viernes, 22 de abril de 2016

Discovering how to use Aurasma!

Hello everyone!
Due to the World Book day, our next challenge was related to this celebration. In order to achieve this mission we were asked to present a poster about the kind of reader we are and then, add a brief video clip/ audio track to the picture through the app Aurasma.
To begin with, I used the online tool Picktochart to create my poster. As you know, in my previous challenge I use Canva in order to create our collaborative infographic, so I decided to choose another one. Picktochart  provied you plenty of opportunities to create attractive and eye- catching posters. The only problem with this online tool is that many of the poster formats are not free. Anyway, I got a great result!
The next step for this misson was to create a video/ audio clip explaining what kind of books I like, my favourite one  and finally, the characteristics that define me as a reader. To create it, I used Movie Maker, where I added the poster that I did with a record of my voice explaining all this aspects.
Regarding with Movie Maker, It is a really intuitive as well as easy. It allow you to edit your own videos adding pictures, records, songs, videos and so on.
Finally, we were asked to sing up in Aurasma and downloaded it in our smart phones in order to achive the challenge.
This step was easy for me as I had worked on this app in my previous challenge, where my peers and I created a tutorial about how to use this application. If you click here you can see how to use Aurasma step by step.
Once I completed my mission I have to say that Aurasma is an amazing tool were you can work on 3D in an easy way! I have to say that at the beging I was little afraid about it and I though I would not be able to achive it.
Here you have my final task, but first, you have to follow me on Aurasma: magayarr, otherwhise I will not work!. Now, you are ready to see my new creation with this app. Focus on the image and it will appear!

Finally, we have share all our task in a collaborative board in Pinteret, which is called: “A Wall of Books”. If you want to discover our amazing creations here you have the link:

I hope you like it !

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