martes, 26 de abril de 2016

Assessing our e- projects through a rubric of evaluation!

Hello everybody!
Today, I would like explain our new challenge. We were asked to create a rubric of evaluation in order to assess our collaborative e- projects. As you know, we were working on it last week, therefore now we have to evaluate them. If you want to know about our e- project, click here and you will have the whole process that we had to follow last week.
Related to this task , I have to say that, as a teachers, assessment is one of the most important  and complicated things. It is not easy to decide when a task is successfully achieved or not, or even if it could be improved.  Therefore, working on creating a rubric in order to evaluate students is a suitable way to organize their process. Taking into account my previous reflection, creating a rubric of evaluation about our e-projects is the perct way to be aware of the things that we have to imporve, in order to have a better results.
In order to achieve  this new challenge I decided to use the online tool Quick Rubric”. ”. Before that, I had a look at different tools but I chose this one beacuse it is really easy to use. As it is a online tool, you have to log in it first.
Once you have your account, you will be ready to create your personal rubrics! Here is an example of what you will find.

As you can see, this tool allow you to give a score rating for evaluating the e- project. In order to make the schore balanced you have to bear in mind the number of criteria/ topics that you are going to evaluate and the number of levels for scoring.
In order to edit the rubric, you just have t fill the gaps with the information that you consider relevant. You can add columns and rows as well as delate them easily. Once you consider you have your rubric completed you only have to save it, and it will be automaticately saved in your account. Added to that you have other options such us: share, print or copy it. And the most important think is that, as it is a online tool you are allow to modify it whatever you want. However, this tool does not allows you to have and embed code in order to share it, you  are just allow to share the URL of the rubric.
Apart from the lack of emeded code, I highly recommend this tool as it simple and intuitive. You can create your own rubrics taking into account the goals you want your students achieve.
Having said that, here is my  rubric. I hope it will be useful to evaluate any project!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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