domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Our first chocotalk!

Last 7 th of April, my peers and I had the pleasure to participate in a collaborative project called Chococharlas. Chococharlas is a educative community that organize online meetings in different plataforms such as Youtube. People can participate sharing their ideas, suggestions about and educative topic. The only requirement is that, people have to eat sweets while they are discussing a topic!
We were challenged by our teacher to being part of a chococharla about CLIL and , once it has been done I have to say that it was really funny and we all were really motivated with this idea.  We had to work on it previously in order to get possitive results, but we did it with enthusiasm!
Whitin each group we were assigned different roles. 
  • Neus and Álvaro were the speakers in the chocotalk, giving opinions and sugguestions about the topics.
  • Paula y Mara were the content curators, resposible for writing a summary about the chocotalk, including the main ideas that were proposed. 
  • I was the dissseminator, that´s means that I had to spread to the world the chococharla through different social networks such us facebook or instagram. During the live event, I had to write tweets, so everybody could read what was going on!, using the hashtags: #chococharlas, #ictclil_urjc. I have to say that as my peers did it really good performance, I found difficult write tweets that summarized what they were talking about!  All the contenct was really interested!.
Here you have a summary of the most important aspects of the chocotalk. This magnificate work has been made for the content curators of my group. So, have a look here: 

If you are interested in it, h ere you can enjoy the whole chocotalk


Once the chocotalk finished, the educative community gave us an award because of our participation

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