domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Planning and recording our video challenge about our collaborative e- project!

In order to achieve this challege we had to imagine that we were pitching a movie idea to a director. Therefore, in teams, we had to complete a storbyoard for a short vido challenge  that we recorded later.
First of all, we had to think of the goal and then the tool that we would like to use in order to create the storyboard.
Our main goal when we started to think about the video was to make children reflect on their surroundings, sepecillay, about thier neighborhood, so that we though to create a video challenge using different scenes in which a child could be seen involved.  In order to organize all the information that came to our minds, we decided to use a storyboard template with a lot of details such us: characters, dialogue, scenery and so on.  
If you clik here you can find our storyboard

Once we had our story board done, was the time to record our video. Taking advantages of the story board that we had done beforehand, we did not spend to much time thinking of what we were going to do or say during the record. In order to create or video challenge, we use Imovie. I highly recommend this tool to create videos as it contain many features as: music, videos, images and so on. Imovie is a simply, easy and intuitive tool with amazing result! Therefore, it fitted with our challenge.
After using it, we consider that, Imovie could be use with students in clas as well. They would have the opportunity to use their imaginations as well as develop their oral skills.

Having said that, here you have the result of our video challenge.

Added to that, our storyboard as well as our vide challenge are goint to be part of a natinowide educational collaborative project which is called The ESL Time, so I feel really excited. We are having the opportunity to spread to the world our ideas and projects!. Apart from that we were given an award for having participated in this collaborative project!

I hope  you like it ! 

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