domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

My PLE and PLN about CLIL

Here is my personal PLE and PLN about CLIL

Once the challenge was presented to me and before starting to design my mindmap, some questions came to my mind:  Where have I gained that knowledge about CLIL?, When?, How do I keep it up?
Aswering these quiestions I have to say that everything I´ve learnt about CLIL is because of the master degree that I am taking. 
In order to do my personal background about CLIL I used paint. As everybody knows, it is an outdated tool,  but I considered that it fits with the challenge that we had to face. It is easy and simple to use as well as you can create a wide range of visual things. After finishing it I realized that this tool have some disadvantages. For instances, once you have finished it you are not allow to edit it, in case something is wrong. So,  I recommend using others tools such as coggle or popplet in which you can make changes whenever you want because they are online tools. Therefore, I recognize that I have not used the best tool, taking into account the amount of them with which we were provided in class.
As you can see in my diagram, I´ve divided the tools depending on the purpose: to create, to share, to organize, to research and to learn. All of them are tools that I use currently in order to get knowlege about CLIL, but I have to say that the most important ones for me are twitter, facebook, whatsapp and pinterest. Not only because I gain knowledge from others but also I share information with them, which is enriching for my profession.
The other tools are also important because they allow me to broaden my knowledge and comprehension about CLIL. Ted, youtube, google and so on, are some examples.
Having said that, I´ve created a simple and visual PLE/PLN about where I gain knowledge about CLIL. After doing this challenge I am aware of the different tools that provide me information about this topic.
I hope you like it!


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