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Creative Commons

Good morning!

As everybody knows, technologies are transforming the way in which materils and contents are created and shared in education. Teachers as well as students should exchange their resources, materils and so on in order to improve their knowledges but it must be done in an appropiate way due to the fact that the use of digital materials in the classrooom is speedily expanding. Creative Commons (CC) has a solution to this issue. It is an organization that provides licenses for creators to use when they expand their works to the public under centain conditions. For this reason, I have decided to create a Creative Common License for my new blog.

The license that I have chosen lets others distribute, share, tweak my creations even commercialise them, as long as the author of the orginal creations is recognized. Everything that I share on my glob has been created on by myself so I would like this to be credited in some way. Apart from that, I would like  my ideas will be useful for others, always with respect.
Related to this, we should make  students aware of the other´s creations. We should teach them that not all materials found on the Internet are free, as well as they belongs to someone. Added to that, the idea of creating a Creative Common materils is an useful way to exchange each  them all their creations in a respectful way.
Having said that, students must be aware of this issue and be able to identify which materials are allowed to use or not. 

I hope it will be useful for you! 

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