domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

Learning by twittering

It´s time to talk about twitter!
As everybody knows twitter is an easy way to discover the latest news related to the topics that interest you. Through twitter you can find the news while they are happening, know more about the issues you care about and get exclusive information in real time. So, If you haven´t got a twitter account, what are you waiting for? With twitter you can improve your knowledges about anything you are interested in.
Currently, Iam study a master degree in bilingual education so in order to gain knwoledges about CLIL I use twitter. Through this social network I am updated with news about education as well as I share my ideas with others. Here you´ve got an example of how I use twitter.  My twitter handle: @Marta_Gayarre . You can take a look if you want! 

Twitter, as we do in ICT class, can be used as an important part fo the learning process. Students and teacher can be connected among them about a common tipic!

Having said that, twitter allows you to be updated and connected with the world. 

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