sábado, 12 de marzo de 2016

In order to create our own e- project, why not assess one that is already done?

This time the challenge has involved the evaluation of a CLIL e- project that is alredy done. Through this assessment, we are becoming aware of all the aspects that should be taken into account in order to create an accurate e- project. Therefore, this is the first step that we have to achieve to the creation of our own project later on.
After considering the different projects that we were provided, I have finally chosen the one called: “Chef of volume”, which was created by a previous student of this Master degree. The aim of this e-project is to show students that  mathematics can be also entertained.
I would like to say that this e-project is attractive, engaging and motivating for children to learn a mathematical content, using an innovated and original approach that is  based on a real context; where maths, ICT and cooking are combined.
In order to evaluate this project, in terms of possitive aspects or things that could be improved, I have decided to use an intuituve and free web tool which is called: Genially. Moving away from the tipical power point or even Prezi. Genially offers you plenty of opportunities to create an attractive a really visual presentations. It is  simple and easy  to use, with possitive results!
Here  is my evaluation CLIL e-project through Genially: 

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